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    ※ 1 This is the designed flow rate based on the cylinder volume of the pump. Confirm the actual flow rate based on the pressure-flow diagram.
    ※ 2 Under ambient pressure of 1 atm. When operating at high elevations, there will be a difference in operating pressure from operation at a location under 1 Atm of pressure. The calculation to measure the ultimate vacuum while operating at other elevations is as follows: Ultimate Vacuum Under Pressure (simplified) [ kPa ] = Specified Ultimate Degree of Vacuum [kPa] - Altitude [ m ] × 0.0115 [ kPa/m ]
    ※ 3 Noted operating noise level is when using an ORION motor.
    ※ 4 The power supply voltage must not have intermittent fluctuations greater than 10%, or 5% if fluctuations are sustained.
    ※ 5 If the pump is started where the ambient temperature is around 0 ℃ , a high frequency noise may be heard. The noise will naturally go away in a short time and does not indicate abnormal operation. If a high pitch noise continues for more than 30 minutes, consult with your dealer or a qualified repair person.
    ※ 6 Please consult with ORION if the unit is to be operated at an elevation above 1,000 m.

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